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We specialise in the small to medium business market and have great satisfaction in assisting our clients to grow and develop. We have had many years of business experience covering many facets of industry and business.

A recent Small Business Survey found that 77 per cent of business owners consider their accountants to be their most trusted adviser. However, only a quarter of them ever approach their accountant for business planning or strategic advice. In fact, most small business owners only ever use their accountant for compliance work - such as tax returns and tax planning - even though they often need help on a wide range of issues.

As your accountants. we believe we are the best equipped people to provide this help. We work closely with our business clients and add value to our services by helping you with such things as your business planning and strategy, as well as your estate planning and wealth creation strategies. We take a genuine interest in the business of our clients and assist them in every way — not just to minimise the amount of tax they are liable to pay but also to grow and develop their business.

MYOB Partner

We keep the latest up-to-date computer equipment and programs in all the appropriate accounting, tax and related software, to provide our clients with efficient and timely reporting. We also specialise in the popular MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) software. We will work closely with you to help you set up and install an efficient record keeping system and, if necessary, we will provide an appropriate specialist to train and assist you in the installation of your MYOB system. We can even recommend a specialist to come to your premises and help you on the job.

Then, once the system is configured and running correctly, we can easily monitor your business for signs of impending problems or short falls and alert you to these. We can monitor your progress and recommend the appropriate course of action before it's too late.

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